All-District Awards


Nomination Process

  • The nominating coach must be a member of the IHSVCA.
  • A coach must complete and submit the online nomination form.
  • A coach must enter the team’s roster and the full schedule in
  • For a player to be considered for All-District and/or All-State, all stats must be entered and up to date in for us to consider your player for All-District or All-State.
  • Coaches are encouraged to nominate any and every player who may be deserving of such recognition.
  • Late nominations will not be accepted under any circumstances.
  • The top 12 players in each district will be named first-team All-District for each class.
  • The All-District Team will be selected by the coaches in that district.
  • Coaches may vote for their own players.
  • Late nominations will not be accepted under any circumstances.


  •  The athlete is an impact player in every match played and is one of the better players on the floor in every match played.
  • The athlete has superb technical skills in addition to outstanding athleticism.
  • The athlete typically plays or is capable of playing, all six rotations (or is truly superior in a more limited capacity).
  • The athlete could potentially play Collegiate Volleyball especially DI or DII.
  • The athlete possesses and exhibits outstanding personal characteristics.
  • It is an honor and a privilege to be nominated for the All-State distinction.  Athletes with the code of conduct violations at your school should not be nominated for this award.
    • If your athlete has a code violation or for some other reason after you have nominated this athlete, please let us know that as well so we can remove her from the list.

Coaches – Please check your work.  We use a mail merge to create your player(s) certificate(s).  If there is an error in your data, there will be an error on the certificate.  Thanks for your attention to detail!