Indiana All-Star Awards

The best volleyball players in the state of Indiana will compete in the Indiana All-Star Match.  Players will be nominated by their coaches to attend an All-Star tryout at a location to be determined for both the North and the South.  The top 14 players in each the north and the south will battle in a Junior All-Star, 1A-2A, and 3A-4A competition.


  1. Players must attend the tryout to be considered as a candidate as an Indiana All-Star
  2. Final four head coaches will be asked to coach the All-Star teams in each north/south.
  3. These coaches will choose the final All-Star team which will include an appropriate number of setters, hitters, defensive and best available athletes to make up the team.

Coaches – Please check your work.  We use a mail-merge to create your player(s) certificate(s).  If there is an error in your data, there will be an error on the certificate.  Thanks for your attention to detail!