It’s a new record! Eight hundred and sixty-eight student-athletes earned the right to be called Academic All-State crushing last year’s mark of 732. More than 270 schools nominated their brightest volleyball players for this award. There were several award winners that were #1 in their senior class with several hundred students in their class to less than 100. Congratulatons ladies.

The average weighted GPA for all honorees is an incredible 3.95! Volleyball players are the model STUDENT-athlete on the court and in the classroom.

SchoolFull Name
Adams Central High SchoolAmelia Schultz 
Alexandria-Monroe High SchoolCarlie Remington
Alexandria-Monroe High SchoolKara Simison
Alexandria-Monroe High SchoolKendall Parker
Alexandria-Monroe High SchoolTaylor Stinefield
Anderson High SchoolGrace Johnson
Anderson High SchoolLauryn Williams
Anderson High SchoolQuinlyn Byrd
Angola High SchoolGrace Michael
Angola High SchoolHeidi Faramelli
Angola High SchoolMaddison Sulier
Attica High SchoolMolly Cole
Attica High SchoolRiley Howard
Austin High SchoolErin Lee
Austin High SchoolMadison Buhr
Austin High SchoolTeagan Bush
Avon High SchoolEliza Ford
Barr Reeve Jr-Sr High SchoolSarah Graber
Batesville High SchoolBrayleigh Patterson
Batesville High SchoolRegina Gerstbauer
Batesville High SchoolSophie Lee
Bedford-North Lawrence High SchoolCarlee Kern
Bedford-North Lawrence High SchoolEmma Foreman
Bedford-North Lawrence High SchoolMadelyne Bennett
Bedford-North Lawrence High SchoolMerritt Callahan
Bedford-North Lawrence High SchoolReva Tincher
Bellmont Senior High SchoolAvery Ball
Bellmont Senior High SchoolEmma McMahon
Bellmont Senior High SchoolKatelyn Rumschlag
Bellmont Senior High SchoolPaige Busick
Benton Central Jr-Sr High SchoolKennedy Marie Tolen
Benton Central Jr-Sr High SchoolMegan Marie Hardebeck
Bethany Christian SchoolHope Hochstedler
Bethany Christian SchoolIvonne Ortiz
Bethany Christian SchoolJenna Oostland
Bethany Christian SchoolJordana Farran
Bishop Chatard High SchoolCarly deCastro
Bishop Chatard High SchoolElla Bosley
Bishop Chatard High SchoolSamantha Ball
Bishop Chatard High SchoolSara Kelly
Bishop Chatard High SchoolSylvie Kramer
Blackford High SchoolKelsey Mosley
Bloomfield Jr-Sr High SchoolEmma  Vaught
Bloomfield Jr-Sr High SchoolGracie Lowry
Bloomfield Jr-Sr High SchoolKinley Moody
Bloomfield Jr-Sr High SchoolRylee Schantz
Bloomington High School NorthAva Franklin
Bloomington High School NorthChelsey Beard
Bloomington High School NorthKyla Kante
Bloomington High School NorthLiv Gallegher
Bloomington High School NorthMaddie Curdie
Bloomington High School NorthMegan Hendrickson
Bloomington High School NorthSophia Fruchey
Boonville High SchoolAshley Nelson
Boonville High SchoolEmeigh Thomas
Boonville High SchoolMadelyn Bates
Borden High SchoolElla Perkinson
Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory SchoolMaddie Siegel 
Bremen Senior High SchoolGrace Meyer
Bremen Senior High SchoolGretchen Willis
Bremen Senior High SchoolJaiden Monhaut
Bremen Senior High SchoolPhilicity Collignon
Bremen Senior High SchoolTrinity Beachy
Bremen Senior High SchoolZoey France
Brown County High SchoolAbigail Bowman
Brown County High SchoolJayda Scales
Brownsburg High SchoolHannah Phegley
Brownsburg High SchoolKatie Floyd
Brownsburg High SchoolKendall Meller
Brownstown Central High SchoolEmily Singleton
Brownstown Central High SchoolErin Singleton
Brownstown Central High SchoolKelsey Wischmeier
Brownstown Central High SchoolReagan Nuss
Brownstown Central High SchoolZori Otting
Cambridge City Lincoln High SchoolBethany Castle
Cambridge City Lincoln High SchoolEmily Cox
Cambridge City Lincoln High SchoolMacie Hawk
Cambridge City Lincoln High SchoolOlivia Spurgin
Cambridge City Lincoln High SchoolOlivia Stuckey
Cardinal Ritter High SchoolEmma Hunt
Cardinal Ritter High SchoolKelsey Waggoner
Cardinal Ritter High SchoolLindsay Norton
Cardinal Ritter High SchoolMorgan Schabel
Cardinal Ritter High SchoolOlivia Webb
Carmel High SchoolCaroline Yuska
Carmel High SchoolElla Bostic
Carmel High SchoolMacarty McQueen
Carmel High SchoolMiraya Moore
Carmel High SchoolValerie Trent
Carroll F.W. High SchoolIsabelle Shelton
Carroll F.W. High SchoolKaley Matney
Carroll F.W. High SchoolRachel Uchtman
Carroll Flora Jr-Sr High SchoolAdelle May
Carroll Flora Jr-Sr High SchoolMegan Ashby
Cass Jr-Sr High SchoolCana Jones
Cass Jr-Sr High SchoolKendal Johnson
Castle High SchoolAlyssa Burglund
Castle High SchoolCampbell McBride
Castle High SchoolCaroline Haas
Castle High SchoolKeira Moore
Castle High SchoolLayla Wandel
Castle High SchoolLizzie Bailey
Castle High SchoolMolly Mattingly
Castle High SchoolNatalie Niehaus
Castle High SchoolOlivia Patton
Caston Jr-Sr High SchoolAbby Williamson
Caston Jr-Sr High SchoolMaddison Smith
Cathedral High SchoolCaroline Kubacki
Cathedral High SchoolKathrine Bremer
Cathedral High SchoolKelsey Bailey
Cathedral High SchoolRaven Rayford
Center Grove High SchoolAvery L Holubar
Charlestown Senior High SchoolEmma Obermeier
Charlestown Senior High SchoolKendra Ranee Grayson
Charlestown Senior High SchoolKylie McConnell
Charlestown Senior High SchoolSadee Nicole Goedeker
Chesterton Senior High SchoolAndrea J. Devereaux
Chesterton Senior High SchoolBrooke A. Smith
Chesterton Senior High SchoolCelia C. Faroh
Chesterton Senior High SchoolEmma J. Ekblaw
Chesterton Senior High SchoolMeghan A. Gaffigan
Chesterton Senior High SchoolReese N. Czarniecki
Christian Academy of IndianaChloe Wiseheart
Churubusco Jr-Sr High SchoolBreeyn Sue Fulkerson
Churubusco Jr-Sr High SchoolHannah Lyn Boersema
Churubusco Jr-Sr High SchoolIsabella Marie Zik
Clay City Jr-Sr High SchoolCallie Ream
Clay City Jr-Sr High SchoolCallie Ream
Clinton Central High SchoolKendall Davison
Clinton Prairie  High SchoolCaydence Rios
Columbia City High SchoolCarlie Price
Columbia City High SchoolJillian Whaley
Columbia City High SchoolMollie McCoy
Columbia City High SchoolSavanna Reed
Columbus East High SchoolCadence Gilley
Columbus East High SchoolKaitlyn Carothers
Columbus East High SchoolKaty Jordan
Columbus East High SchoolReece Whitehead
Columbus North High SchoolEmma Grayce Martin
Columbus North High SchoolGrace Kelly Chapman
Columbus North High SchoolPaige Christine Osbourne
Columbus North High SchoolReagan Kane
Columbus North High SchoolSarah Bennett
Columbus North High SchoolSydney Sharon Cooper
Concord High Gracie Westlake
Concord High Sophia Trout 
Connersville Sr High SchoolBrynnah Ellis
Connersville Sr High SchoolHope Kelley
Connersville Sr High SchoolKatie Fisher
Connersville Sr High SchoolTori Hanson
Covenant Christian DeMotte High SchoolKendra Zylstra
Covenant Christian High SchoolCadence (Cadee) Notter 
Covenant Christian High SchoolIsabella (Bella) Dart 
Covenant Christian High SchoolLillian (Lilly) Kolthoff 
Covington Community High SchoolAmber Cruser
Covington Community High SchoolEmma Taylor
Covington Community High SchoolHaley Harmeson
Covington Community High SchoolHolly Linville
Covington Community High SchoolKarsyn Engle
Covington Community High SchoolPaige Messmore
Cowan High SchoolGraci Upchurch
Crawford County High SchoolMattie Pope
Crawford County High SchoolSarah Stutzman
Crawford County High SchoolTaylor Herbaugh
Crawfordsville Sr High SchoolAlyx Bannon
Crawfordsville Sr High SchoolLaine Schlicher
Crawfordsville Sr High SchoolLiddy McCarty
Crawfordsville Sr High SchoolOlivia Reed
Crawfordsville Sr High SchoolShea Williamson
Crawfordsville Sr High SchoolTaedyn Cook
Crown Point High SchoolHannah Keaveney
Crown Point High SchoolKendall Schara
Crown Point High SchoolKyla Oppenhuis
Crown Point High SchoolPaige Schalow
Crown Point High SchoolRachel Rossman
Culver AcademiesCellestine Harig
Culver AcademiesLani Dye
Culver AcademiesMadison Miller
Culver AcademiesMartha Weirick
Culver AcademiesSamantha Jorgensen
Culver AcademiesTaylor Bowen
Culver Community High SchoolSydney Denham
Danville Community High SchoolKatelynn West
Danville Community High SchoolKatherine Lawrence
Danville Community High SchoolMadison Shelley
DeKalb High SchoolBrenna Spangler
DeKalb High SchoolHope Moring
DeKalb High SchoolPaige Snider
Delphi Community High SchoolChloe M. Wise
Delphi Community High SchoolPaige M. Corbin
Delta High SchoolEllie Summers
Delta High SchoolMadalynne Smith
East Central High SchoolAvery Daniels
East Central High SchoolHope Fox
East Central High SchoolMaycey Lewis
East Noble High SchoolBrinley Beaupre
East Noble High SchoolHannah Mast
East Noble High SchoolLillian Dechert
Eastern Greene High SchoolBaylee Perkins
Eastern Greene High SchoolBaylee Perkins
Eastern Greene High SchoolIndy Workman
Eastern Greene High SchoolIndy Workman 
Eastern Greentown High SchoolKatherine Harrison
Eastern Hancock High SchoolLillann Mae Hunt
Eastern Hancock High SchoolMegan Retherford
Eastern Pekin High SchoolHannah Drury 
Eastern Pekin High SchoolKassey Mount 
Eastern Pekin High SchoolKatie Rankin 
Eastern Pekin High SchoolMattie Moore 
Eastside Jr./Sr. High School Skyelar Kessler
Eastside Jr./Sr. High SchoolJosephine Richman
Eastside Jr./Sr. High SchoolMataya  Bireley
Eastside Jr./Sr. High SchoolWhittney Pfefferkorn
Edgewood High SchoolAlaina Winzeler
Edgewood High SchoolEmma Johnson
Edgewood High SchoolHailie Staggs
Edgewood High SchoolJenna Brinson
Edgewood High SchoolKatie Wilson
Edgewood High SchoolTrista Helms
Elkhart Christian AcademyHallie Tice
Elkhart Christian AcademyHeidi Gratrix
Elkhart Christian AcademyKarlie George
Elkhart High SchoolOlivia Knepper
Elwood High SchoolElla Flanagan
Elwood High SchoolJaleigh Crawford
Elwood High SchoolKaylee Guillemette
Elwood High SchoolMacee McGahey
Elwood High SchoolMakenzie Cornwell
Elwood High SchoolSavannah Garcia
Evansville  F. J. Reitz High SchoolKaleigh Nicole Meritt
Evansville Bosse High SchoolRaniya Knuckles
Evansville Reitz Memorial High SchoolAinsley Buck
Evansville Reitz Memorial High SchoolAudrey Weyer
Evansville Reitz Memorial High SchoolGina Ziebell
Evansville Reitz Memorial High SchoolLauren Meunier
Evansville Reitz Memorial High SchoolLilly Hiester
Evansville Reitz Memorial High SchoolTraeston McCutchan
F.W. Bishop Dwenger High SchoolEmma Denise Lyons 
F.W. Bishop Dwenger High SchoolEva Ann Hudson 
F.W. Bishop Dwenger High SchoolKristin Mariellen Bobay
F.W. Bishop Luers High SchoolAlexis Dippold
F.W. Bishop Luers High SchoolAllison Bierbaum
F.W. Bishop Luers High SchoolAnna Parent
F.W. Bishop Luers High SchoolAnna Zimmerman
F.W. Bishop Luers High SchoolCelia Eyrich
F.W. Bishop Luers High SchoolRylee Stabler
F.W. Blackhawk Christian High SchoolHalle Kramer
F.W. Concordia Lutheran High SchoolElizabeth Hellinger
F.W. Concordia Lutheran High SchoolHeather Smith
F.W. Concordia Lutheran High SchoolMadeline Vnuk
F.W. Concordia Lutheran High SchoolMeghan Beverly
F.W. Northrop High SchoolClaire Foord
F.W. Northrop High SchoolDestiny Bradfield
F.W. Northrop High SchoolKatie Smith
F.W. Northrop High SchoolMakenna Bair
F.W. Northrop High SchoolQuinn Olding
Fairfield Jr-Sr High SchoolBrooke Sanchez
Fairfield Jr-Sr High SchoolElla Weatherton
Fairfield Jr-Sr High SchoolIris Miller
Fairfield Jr-Sr High SchoolKate McGuire
Fairfield Jr-Sr High SchoolSydney Stutsman
Fishers High SchoolCarsen Plew
Fishers High SchoolMia Fehlinger
Fishers High SchoolSamantha Perdue
Floyd Central High SchoolKeegan Kaiser
Floyd Central High SchoolNatalie Lostutter
Forest Park Jr-Sr High SchoolAliese Brandes
Forest Park Jr-Sr High SchoolAlison Welp
Fountain Central High SchoolChloe Golia
Fountain Central High SchoolHayleigh Elkins
Fountain Central High SchoolJerzi Hershberger-Simmons
Fountain Central High SchoolKendra Earlywine
Fountain Central High SchoolLarissa Bowers
Fountain Central High SchoolLillie Fishero
Fountain Central High SchoolMaddie Medley
Fountain Central High SchoolWillow Marcum-Walsh
Frankfort Senior High SchoolMorgan Adamson
Frankfort Senior High SchoolSydni Whitaker
Frankfort Senior High SchoolTarah Martinez
Franklin Community High SchoolHaley Haldeman
Franklin Community High SchoolJenna Hash
Franklin County HighHadlee Rose Hornsby
Franklin County HighJenna Grace Bruns
Franklin County HighKacie Lynn Williams
Franklin County HighKylie Alexis Lea
Franklin County HighMeredith Clare Hoff
Frankton Jr-Sr High SchoolShae Simon
Frontier Jr-Sr High SchoolCamyrn Clapper
Frontier Jr-Sr High SchoolOlivia Newcom
Garrett High SchoolEmma Welbaum
Garrett High SchoolMorgan Ostrowski
Garrett High SchoolRylee Fisher
Garrett High SchoolTaylor Gerke
Gibson Southern High SchoolAlexandria Holmes
Gibson Southern High SchoolHalle Humbaugh
Gibson Southern High SchoolLexi Potts
Gibson Southern High SchoolMadeline Douglas
Glenn High SchoolJessica Wilk
Glenn High SchoolKatelynn Braunn
Greencastle Senior High SchoolAnna Zellers
Greencastle Senior High SchoolCaroline Sullivan
Greencastle Senior High SchoolHannah Winters
Greencastle Senior High SchoolJuliette Tomamichel
Greenfield-Central High SchoolLauren Silcox
Greenfield-Central High SchoolMorgan Hornaday
Greensburg Community High SchoolKayla Kelso
Greenwood Christian AcademyDorothy O’Dell
Greenwood Community Jenna Armstrong
Greenwood Community Melia  Gorrell 
Griffith Senior High SchoolCierra Perkins
Griffith Senior High SchoolElla Rasberry
Griffith Senior High SchoolMadison Botsko-Saenz
Griffith Senior High SchoolMarisa Esquivel
Griffith Senior High SchoolPeyton Willis
Guerin Catholic High SchoolAmelia Niccum
Guerin Catholic High SchoolHalley Buehler
Guerin Catholic High SchoolKathryn Loso
Guerin Catholic High SchoolKendall Bratton
Guerin Catholic High SchoolMargaret Christ
Guerin Catholic High SchoolMaya DeCraene
Hamilton Heights High SchoolJordan Fryman
Hamilton Heights High SchoolKelsey Smith
Hamilton Southeastern High SchoolBrooke Hunter Elliott
Hamilton Southeastern High SchoolEmi Victoria Robinson
Hamilton Southeastern High SchoolJada Lynn Berg
Hamilton Southeastern High SchoolMeghan Alice Slaninka
Hammond Central High SchoolArmani Ruiz
Hanover Central High SchoolDara Barach
Hanover Central High SchoolGrace Rapacz 
Harrison High SchoolAva Risse
Harrison High SchoolBrinley Pressler
Harrison High SchoolJosephine Hanas
Harrison High SchoolMorgan Melton
Hauser Jr-Sr High SchoolAndie Clark
Hauser Jr-Sr High SchoolGabby Johns
Heritage ChristianElise Pauwels 
Heritage ChristianKathryn McCloskey
Heritage ChristianSavannah Scholl 
Heritage Hills High SchoolClaire Heeke
Heritage Hills High SchoolClaire Lange
Heritage Hills High SchoolEmma Haefling
Heritage Hills High SchoolHannah Tapley
Heritage Jr-Sr High SchoolAllison Richman
Heritage Jr-Sr High SchoolElla Bickel
Heritage Jr-Sr High SchoolLayla Meyer
Herron High SchoolAbigail Lindvall
Herron High SchoolLane Stark
Highland High SchoolAngelica Renee Castillo
Highland High SchoolCarly Ann Raab
Highland High SchoolChloe Parker Churilla
Highland High SchoolGrace Elizabeth Bedka
Highland High SchoolSophia Kathleen Johnston
Hobart High SchoolAddison Klemm
Hobart High SchoolAngelina Priestly
Hobart High SchoolGabrielle Tomich
Hobart High SchoolJulia Zimny
Hobart High SchoolMadison Shinkle 
Hobart High SchoolMeah Charo
Homestead Senior High SchoolEmma Moellering
Homestead Senior High SchoolGrace Stedge
Homestead Senior High SchoolLea Mummert
Homestead Senior High SchoolTess Herendeen
Indian Creek Sr High SchoolAva McClanahan
Indian Creek Sr High SchoolEmilee Scott
Indianapolis Lutheran High SchoolPaige Mielke
Indianapolis Lutheran High SchoolRebekah Caston
Indpls. Shortridge High SchoolMang Hnem Tial
Jac-Cen-Del Jr-Sr High SchoolAundrea Cullen
Jac-Cen-Del Jr-Sr High SchoolDesiree Sparks
Jac-Cen-Del Jr-Sr High SchoolEmma Newhart
Jac-Cen-Del Jr-Sr High SchoolKatelyn Wagner
Jasper High SchoolAspen Sermersheim
Jasper High SchoolIsabelle Hopf
Jasper High SchoolJayden Pfister
Jasper High SchoolKennedy Matheis
Jay County High SchoolGrace Leann Brewster
Jay County High SchoolHannah Roselynn Muhlenkamp
Jay County High SchoolIsabel Machel Rodgers
Jay County High SchoolKylie Elizabeth Klopfenstein
Jay County High SchoolMadison Faustina Dirksen
Jay County High SchoolRalyn Nichole Chaffins
Jeffersonville High SchoolElliot Britton Mays
Jeffersonville High SchoolOlivia Grace Shelton
Jeffersonville High SchoolTaylor Renae Shelton
Jennings County High SchoolKylee Boardman
Jennings County High SchoolLillian Ernstes
Jennings County High SchoolLucelia Ernstes
Jimtown High SchoolBrianna Cook
Jimtown High SchoolCali Campbell
Kankakee Valley High SchoolAlexis Broyles
Kankakee Valley High SchoolElise Casper
Kankakee Valley High SchoolJenna Smith
Kankakee Valley High SchoolMarissa Howard
Knightstown High SchoolPaige Personett
Knox Community High SchoolBrianna Korcha
Knox Community High SchoolMadison Moss
Knox Community High SchoolMegan Bolen
Knox Community High SchoolRebecca Ratliff
Lafayette Central Catholic High SchoolAinsley Martin
Lafayette Central Catholic High SchoolAmelia Ringor
Lafayette Central Catholic High SchoolAmelia Ringor
Lafayette Central Catholic High SchoolAnne Haan
Lafayette Central Catholic High SchoolCaitlin Dineen
Lafayette Central Catholic High SchoolKassidey Boener
Lafayette Central Catholic High SchoolNicole Vorst
Lake Central High SchoolCaroline Krueger
Lake Central High SchoolEmilee Marten
Lake Central High SchoolPaige Onjack
Lakeland High SchoolKASEY PRIESTLEY
Lakeland High SchoolLILLY SCHACKOW
Lakeland High SchoolSHAYLIN SMITH
Lakewood Park Christian SchoolAshley Erica Zak
Lakewood Park Christian SchoolAubrey Elizabeth Zak
Lakewood Park Christian SchoolCassandra Elaine Swing
Lakewood Park Christian SchoolHaley Joy Kruse
Lakewood Park Christian SchoolMegan Elizabeth Knox
Lakewood Park Christian SchoolSophie Rebecca Burris
Lapel Sr High SchoolAlexis Anderson
Lapel Sr High SchoolAshlynn Allman
Lapel Sr High SchoolEmma Anderson 
Lapel Sr High SchoolEmma Jackley 
Lapel Sr High SchoolMakayla Smethers
LaPorte High SchoolAniya Kennedy
LaPorte High SchoolLesley Marshall
LaPorte High SchoolMacy Mronzinski
LaPorte High SchoolMyrriam Dhoore
LaVille Jr-Sr High SchoolAbigail Goffinet
LaVille Jr-Sr High SchoolMadelyn Fuchs
LaVille Jr-Sr High SchoolOlivia Goze
Lawrence North High SchoolAriel Helm
Lawrence North High SchoolAriel Helm
Lawrence North High SchoolBreanna Galloway
Lawrence North High SchoolKaitlin Fasbender
Lawrence North High SchoolKimora Whetstone
Lawrence North High SchoolTaylor Buergelin
Lawrenceburg High SchoolBristal Cendro
Lawrenceburg High SchoolZoe Rummel
Lebanon Senior High SchoolCami Deakins
Lebanon Senior High SchoolMaggie Scott
Lebanon Senior High SchoolTaylor Gramlin
Leo High SchoolBrook Dager
Leo High SchoolChloe Pierce
Leo High SchoolHailee Bowling
Leo High SchoolPayton Rolfsen
Liberty Christian SchoolCydnie Layton
Liberty Christian SchoolMadalynn Mercer
Liberty Christian SchoolMadysen Rees
Linton-Stockton High SchoolGentry Warrick
Linton-Stockton High SchoolLillie Oliver
Linton-Stockton High SchoolMadison Hazlewood
Loogootee JrSr High SchoolGrace Lingenfelter
Loogootee JrSr High SchoolHaylie Mathies
Loogootee JrSr High SchoolJocelyn Strange
Loogootee JrSr High SchoolKylie VanHoy
Loogootee JrSr High SchoolMadison McAtee
Lowell Senior High SchoolAbigail Porch
Lowell Senior High SchoolAlexandria Lintner
Lowell Senior High SchoolBrooke Shapley
Lowell Senior High SchoolHannah Gerstenkorn
Lowell Senior High SchoolKaitlyn Dobrzeniecki
Lowell Senior High SchoolMadison Polak
Lowell Senior High SchoolMegan Grabarek
Maconaquah High SchoolLilly Maple
Maconaquah High SchoolRiley Hair
Maconaquah High SchoolTaylor Roesler
Madison Consolidated High SchoolAddison Mundt
Madison Consolidated High SchoolBrooklyn Cornelius
Madison Consolidated High SchoolJenna Rohrer
Madison Consolidated High SchoolTaylor Harsin
Madison-Grant High SchoolGabrielle Kaylene Rudy
Madison-Grant High SchoolGrace Ellynn Holmberg
Madison-Grant High SchoolKatie Marie Garringer
Madison-Grant High SchoolSydnee Lane Wilson
Madison-Grant High SchoolTori Jo Hiatt
Manchester Jr-Sr High SchoolBlake Drasny
Manchester Jr-Sr High SchoolLauren Barrett
Manchester Jr-Sr High SchoolMakenzy Meyer
Marian High SchoolAvery Sharp  
Marian High SchoolMaura Meyers
Marian High SchoolTatum Montague
Martinsville High SchoolElla Whitney
Martinsville High SchoolGrace Reynolds
Martinsville High SchoolMackenzie Martin
Mater Dei High SchoolChrissy Marx
Mater Dei High SchoolDevon Fotz
Mater Dei High SchoolJulie Heldman
Mater Dei High SchoolKennedy Wenger
Mater Dei High SchoolSophie Kleiman
McCutcheon High SchoolLauren Watson
McCutcheon High SchoolShelbey Carrico
Milan High SchoolKarley Bushhorn
Mishawaka High SchoolEmily Eggleston 
Mississinewa High SchoolCarly Bolser
Mississinewa High SchoolJazmyn Nicholson
Mississinewa High SchoolMia Catey
Mississinewa High SchoolSophia Corey
Mitchell High SchoolAbby Brothers
Mitchell High SchoolJordyn Sarver
Mitchell High SchoolMadeline Robertson
Mitchell High SchoolTaylor Duncan
Monroe Central High SchoolAlex McGrath
Monroe Central High SchoolLeah Osborne
Monroe Central High SchoolMacy Shinn
Monroe Central High SchoolRyleigh Dougherty 
Monroe Central High SchoolSami Farmer
Monrovia High SchoolJenna Christine Everett
Monrovia High SchoolLydia Sinclair Dowden
Mooresville High SchoolAlysha Bradford
Mooresville High SchoolCorinne Cowgur 
Mooresville High SchoolJenna Jenkins 
Morristown Jr-Sr High SchoolAubrea Trattner
Morristown Jr-Sr High SchoolBeth Hodgin
Mt. Vernon Fortville High SchoolCecilia Bulmahn
Mt. Vernon Fortville High SchoolDelaney Bowser
Mt. Vernon Fortville High SchoolMeredith Hohnbaum
Mt. Vernon Fortville High SchoolRylee Ugen
Mt. Vernon Fortville High SchoolTatum Fitzgerald
Muncie Burris Laboratory SchoolAbigail Jean Kesler
Muncie Burris Laboratory SchoolCaityn Rylee May
Muncie Burris Laboratory SchoolHaley Irene Young
Muncie Burris Laboratory SchoolLauren Grace Nixon
Muncie Burris Laboratory SchoolPaige Caroline Powers
Muncie Central High SchoolMaKaiya Lowe
Munster High SchoolEmma Miles
Munster High SchoolGrace Clark
Munster High SchoolHaley Melby
Munster High SchoolMarina Gronkiewicz
Munster High SchoolOlivia Paprstein
New Albany Senior High SchoolGiavanna Yowell
New Castle High SchoolAdeline Bunner
New Castle High SchoolAnyssa Hall
New Castle High SchoolEllen Bergum
New Castle High SchoolPayton Plank
New Haven High SchoolAariyanna Trimm
New Haven High SchoolAlexandria Brant
New Haven High SchoolCorvette Jackson
New Haven High SchoolKylie Rowland
New Haven High SchoolTrystan Casey
New Palestine High SchoolGrace Myers
New Palestine High SchoolMcKaylah Flagle
New Palestine High SchoolTrinity Oertel
New Prairie High SchoolSarah Kwiatkowski
Noblesville High SchoolElla Peter
North Central High SchoolElizabeth Maeve Ochs
North Central High SchoolGeorgia Lindsay Trisler
North Central High SchoolLauren Elizabeth Stolz
North Central High SchoolLeah Carolyn Becker
North Central High SchoolMackenzie Rae Wilson
North Central High SchoolVictoria Grace Chapital
North Decatur Jr-Sr High SchoolCaroline Kennelly
North Harrison High SchoolAndrea Ness
North Harrison High SchoolAnnika Martin
North Harrison High SchoolBrianna Fawver
North Harrison High SchoolMolly Coomer
North Harrison High SchoolShelby Smith
North Judson-San Pierre High SchoolMcKayla Stowe
North Knox High SchoolAbigail McKinley
North Knox High SchoolHannah Saucerman
North Knox High SchoolJacqueline Alsman
North Knox High SchoolKeanna Thomas
North Montgomery High SchoolAshlynn Anderson
North Montgomery High SchoolCarlie DeSmet
North Montgomery High SchoolMackenzie Shepherd
North Montgomery High SchoolMadison Welch
North Montgomery High SchoolMallory Morehouse
North Newton Jr-Sr High SchoolCayci Ehlinger
North Newton Jr-Sr High SchoolHarley Schleman
North Newton Jr-Sr High SchoolHeidi Schleman
North Posey Sr High SchoolClaire Koester
North Posey Sr High SchoolJenna Rhineburger
North Posey Sr High SchoolJulia Fullop
North Putnam Sr High SchoolAshley Weir
North Putnam Sr High SchoolHaley Dickson
North Putnam Sr High SchoolKyla Willis
North Putnam Sr High SchoolZoey Dickson
North Vermillion High SchoolAva Martin
North Vermillion High SchoolJenna Bailey
North Vermillion High SchoolTycee Crabtree
North White JrSr High SchoolCaitlyn Conn
North White JrSr High SchoolKali Raderstorf
North White JrSr High SchoolLauren Annis
North White JrSr High SchoolLynzi Heimlich
North White JrSr High SchoolRylie Carter
Northeastern High SchoolAnna Drake
Northeastern High SchoolClaire Coddington
Northeastern High SchoolKennedy Seals
Northeastern High SchoolMykayla Day
Northview High SchoolSiddalee Grace Clark
Northwestern Sr High SchoolJaci Elson
Northwestern Sr High SchoolLeah Carter
Northwestern Sr High SchoolMorgan Walker
NorthWood High SchoolAlana Kay Lehman
NorthWood High SchoolAnnika Hope Bennett
Norwell High SchoolArianna Augusta Blinn
Norwell High SchoolMackinzie Rene Toliver
Norwell High SchoolNicole Ellen Hiday
Norwell High SchoolVanessa Lyn Dach
Oak Hill High SchoolAlyssa Thompson
Oak Hill High SchoolLexi Ozmun
Oak Hill High SchoolMia Edwards
Oak Hill High SchoolVera Miller
Paoli Jr  Sr High SchoolEmma McCrary
Paoli Jr  Sr High SchoolLaykin Busick
Paoli Jr  Sr High SchoolRylie Atkins
Park Tudor SchoolIszabel Cohen
Park Tudor SchoolLola Rorick 
Park Tudor SchoolMorgan Emerson
Park Tudor SchoolSophia Kirschner
Park Tudor SchoolSusanna Swinger
Pendleton Heights High SchoolAvery Ross
Pendleton Heights High SchoolOlivia Wright
Pendleton Heights High SchoolTessa Phillips
Penn High SchoolEmily Hickey
Penn High SchoolJanet Moala
Penn High SchoolSydney Hanna
Penn High SchoolTaylor Hostetler
Perry Central Jr-Sr High SchoolKendra Gehlhausen
Perry Meridian High SchoolAlexandra Sitzman
Perry Meridian High SchoolCampbell Clark
Perry Meridian High SchoolHalei Epperheimer
Perry Meridian High SchoolSara Gomperts
Peru High SchoolAbigail Martin
Peru High SchoolCasidy Bartel
Peru High SchoolCate Wolfe
Peru High SchoolMallori Grund
Peru High SchoolTaylor Colter
Pike Central High SchoolAlaina McClellan
Pike High SchoolBrooklyne Adams
Pike High SchoolGabrielle Hart
Pioneer Jr-Sr High SchoolCarlie Ann Morris
Pioneer Jr-Sr High SchoolHailey Elizabeth Cripe
Pioneer Jr-Sr High SchoolKennedy Riley Corn
Pioneer Jr-Sr High SchoolMackenzie Nicole Robinson
Plainfield High SchoolJozee Rhodes
Plainfield High SchoolPeiper Hesson
Plainfield High SchoolShannon Olejnik 
Plymouth High SchoolClare Sheedy 
Portage High SchoolEmily Fausch 
Portage High SchoolKylie Bruce 
Portage High SchoolMallory McCaslin
Prairie Heights Sr High SchoolCaylee Jo Bachelor
Prairie Heights Sr High SchoolKalli Lynne Aaron
Prairie Heights Sr High SchoolKatelyn Marie Eash
Princeton Comm High SchoolCortney Alise Dove
Princeton Comm High SchoolMaddon Ivalene Williams
Richmond High SchoolAdrianne Weber
Richmond High SchoolAshley Clark
Richmond High SchoolHaylee Haskett
Richmond High SchoolJaKaia Lotz
Richmond High SchoolLaurelai DePew
Richmond High SchoolLauren Uhte
River Forest Jr-Sr High SchoolAlexus Arianna Alvarez
River Forest Jr-Sr High SchoolAmber Marie Thompson
River Forest Jr-Sr High SchoolCindilyn Lorraine Cordero
Riverton Parke Jr-Sr High SchoolAlyssa Fellows
Riverton Parke Jr-Sr High SchoolCaeden Bennett
Riverton Parke Jr-Sr High SchoolKaylee Mathas
Riverton Parke Jr-Sr High SchoolTaylor Howard
Rochester Community High SchAlexus Lynae Thomas
Rochester Community High SchEmily Lauren Hughes
Rochester Community High SchKylie Nicole Houston
Rochester Community High SchMcKenzie Renae Bradley
Rock Creek Community AcademyJenna Rogers
Rock Creek Community AcademyTiffany Miller
Roncalli High SchoolAlivia Hill
Roncalli High SchoolCara Wlodarczyk
Roncalli High SchoolEmma Halter
Roncalli High SchoolErica Eads
Roncalli High SchoolOlivia Murphy
Roncalli High SchoolSarah Lezon
Rossville Senior High SchoolKarie Taylor
Rossville Senior High SchoolKatie Taylor
Rossville Senior High SchoolLacey Starkey
Rossville Senior High SchoolMichelle Rodkey
Rushville Consolidated High SchoolOlivia Yager
S.B. Saint Josephs High SchoolMary Claire Raster
S.B. Saint Josephs High SchoolMolly Credi
S.B. Saint Josephs High SchoolNora Hosinski
S.B. Saint Josephs High SchoolPaige Staszewski
Scottsburg Senior High SchoolAnneMarie Meagher
Seeger Memorial Jr-Sr High SchoolRiley Shrader
Seeger Memorial Jr-Sr High SchoolSophia Ashby 
Seymour Senior High SchoolKierstyn Ellis
Seymour Senior High SchoolPaige Lawrence
Seymour Senior High SchoolValeria Ramirez
Shakamak Jr-Sr High SchoolJaci Stone
Shawe Memorial High SchoolLINA LEATHERMAN
Sheridan High SchoolKaiden Wilson
Sheridan High SchoolTaylor Bates
Shoals Comm Jr-Sr High SchoolAva Jade Smith
Shoals Comm Jr-Sr High SchoolCheaney Michelle Archer
Shoals Comm Jr-Sr High SchoolJayleigh Marie Harger
Shoals Comm Jr-Sr High SchoolXaviara Diane Fuartado
South Adams High SchoolCarlie Sealscott
South Adams High SchoolMakayla Hamrick 
South Adams High SchoolTaylor Braun 
South Central Union Mills High SchoolLanie Criswell
South Central Union Mills High SchoolLauren Bowmar
South Dearborn High SchoolArynn K. Kunkel
South Dearborn High SchoolRylee I. Thies
South Decatur Jr-Sr High SchoolAllison Lorine Nobbe
South Decatur Jr-Sr High SchoolAllison Nobbe
South Decatur Jr-Sr High SchoolBrook Ann Somers
South Decatur Jr-Sr High SchoolBrook Somers
South Decatur Jr-Sr High SchoolEmma Joane Weisenbach
South Decatur Jr-Sr High SchoolEmma Weisenbach
South Knox Middle-High SchoolKaitlyn Beard
South Knox Middle-High SchoolLeah Ellermann
South Knox Middle-High SchoolMallory Obermeyer
South Knox Middle-High SchoolSavannah Benjamin
South Newton Senior High SchoolAlexis Conradi
South Newton Senior High SchoolAlexxys Standish
South Putnam High SchoolChloe Pistelli
South Putnam High SchoolMarietta McGinnis
South Ripley High SchoolAlexa Heidt
South Ripley High SchoolGracie Gunter
South Ripley High SchoolRachel Meyer
South Spencer High SchoolBrenn Farless
South Spencer High SchoolJacynda Renae Jarboe
South Spencer High SchoolKarlee N. Frobeter
South Spencer High SchoolKiley Alexis Lantrip
South Spencer High SchoolLillian Rose Basham
South Spencer High SchoolSydney Rene Young
Southern Wells Jr-Sr High SchoolOlivia Durham
Southern Wells Jr-Sr High SchoolSydney Collins
Southport High SchoolHope Reynolds
Southridge High SchoolKarly Elizabeth Barnett
Southridge High SchoolMadeline Claire Songer
Southwestern Hanover High SchoolGabrielle Ford
Southwestern Hanover High SchoolMarissa Naylor
Southwestern Hanover High SchoolMeaghan Kramer
Southwestern Shelby High SchoolBrooklyn Schneider
Southwestern Shelby High SchoolKyla Robertson
Southwood Jr-Sr High SchoolMarissa Jean Metzger
Southwood Jr-Sr High SchoolMya Elizabeth Denney
Speedway Senior High SchoolHser Gay Ler
Speedway Senior High SchoolMaggie Lynn Endres
Speedway Senior High SchoolMalinda Lynn Bryant
Springs Valley Comm High SchoolBaylee Ann Crane
Springs Valley Comm High SchoolKennedy Nicole Land
Sullivan High SchoolAllison Pelfrey
Sullivan High SchoolEllynn Hamilton
Sullivan High SchoolGenevieve Vandergriff
Sullivan High SchoolKorinne Gofourth
Switzerland Co Senior High SchoolHannah Hayes
Switzerland Co Senior High SchoolJaden Harrell
Tecumseh Jr-Sr High SchoolAshtyn Green
Tecumseh Jr-Sr High SchoolEmily Bogan
Tecumseh Jr-Sr High SchoolKatelyn MacDonald
Tecumseh Jr-Sr High SchoolKaybree Oxley
Tell City Jr-Sr High SchoolVictoria Weatherholt
Terre Haute North Vigo High SchoolJoDee Barnes
Terre Haute North Vigo High SchoolSofia Granieri
Terre Haute South Vigo High SchoolAshlyn Swan
Terre Haute South Vigo High SchoolChloe Denny
Terre Haute South Vigo High SchoolEmma Hopper
Tippecanoe Valley High SchoolBrayden Baney
Tippecanoe Valley High SchoolMacy Kirchenstien
Tippecanoe Valley High SchoolMallory Durkes
Tipton High SchoolJoni Lee Ripberger
Tipton High SchoolLainey Deann Armes
Traders Point Christian AcademyAddison Frye
Traders Point Christian AcademyMia Elkins
Traders Point Christian AcademyTennye Mylin
Tri Central Middle-High SchoolMaggie Holman
Tri Junior-Senior High SchoolCayla Claar
Tri Junior-Senior High SchoolGracin Jessup
Tri Junior-Senior High SchoolMadison Stewart
Tri-County Middle-Senior HighShelby Jo Schambach
Tri-West Senior High SchoolAshlyn DeBello
Tri-West Senior High SchoolBecca VanSlyke
Tri-West Senior High SchoolLindsay Springer 
Tri-West Senior High SchoolMcKenna Hagemier 
Trinity Lutheran High SchoolKamzi Gross
Trinity Lutheran High SchoolRuthie Bingham
Trinity Lutheran High SchoolStella Kleffman
Triton Central High SchoolAlyssa Wheatley
Triton Central High SchoolJulia Sanders
Triton Central High SchoolMaia Harris
Triton Jr-Sr High SchoolJolie Groves
Triton Jr-Sr High SchoolJustice Kieninger
Triton Jr-Sr High SchoolLauren Snyder
Twin Lakes Senior High SchoolMadelyn Renae Putman
Union City Community High SchoolAndrea Sanders
Union City Community High SchoolAndrea Sanders 
Union City Community High SchoolCarlee Rismiller
Union City Community High SchoolCarlee Rismiller 
Union City Community High SchoolEmily Livingston
Union City Community High SchoolEmily Livingston 
Union City Community High SchoolHannah Fischer
Union City Community High SchoolHannah Fischer 
Union City Community High SchoolMariah Claywell
Union City Community High SchoolMariah Claywell 
Union County High SchoolKasey Lang
Valparaiso High SchoolIsabella Rodriguez
Vincennes Lincoln High SchoolCameron Cary
Vincennes Rivet Middle  High SchoolElise Lowe
Wabash High SchoolKasey A Long
Wapahani High SchoolAshtyn Zickgraf
Wapahani High SchoolGraci Stanley
Warren Central High SchoolKyla Wooden
Warren Central High SchoolNhaydia Watson
Warsaw Community High SchoolAbbie Porter
Warsaw Community High SchoolAbby Sanner
Warsaw Community High SchoolCora West
Warsaw Community High SchoolKylie Smith 
Warsaw Community High SchoolSadie Walden
Washington High SchoolAlaina Thorne
Washington High SchoolTaylor Walls
Washington High SchoolTrinidy Reel
Washington Twp MiddleHigh SchoolCallie Feldsein
Washington Twp MiddleHigh SchoolClaire Hovath
Washington Twp MiddleHigh SchoolOlivia Martinez
Wawasee High SchoolAmber Beer
Wawasee High SchoolAngela Jamora
Wawasee High SchoolDylan Konieczny
Wawasee High SchoolElizabeth Miller
Wawasee High SchoolLeslie Vazquez
Wawasee High SchoolTalia Kuhl
Wes-Del MiddleSenior High SchoolHope Elizabeth Dan Toney
Wes-Del MiddleSenior High SchoolIzabela Claire Price
Wes-Del MiddleSenior High SchoolKylie Nicole Antrim
Wes-Del MiddleSenior High SchoolNatalie Elizabeth Richards
Wes-Del MiddleSenior High SchoolTori Brielle Clements
West Lafayette JrSr High SchoolAnn Elizabeth Alekseenko
West Lafayette JrSr High SchoolKatherine Anne Benhart
West Lafayette JrSr High SchoolKendall Leigh DeVault
West Lafayette JrSr High SchoolTori Kristine Woods
West Noble High SchoolCarolina Flores
West Noble High SchoolDana Ritchie
West Noble High SchoolElla Stoner
West Noble High SchoolMaysie Clouse
West Noble High SchoolSamantha Klages
West Washington High SchoolAddyson Sullivan
West Washington High SchoolHayden Cress
West Washington High SchoolMackenzie Brown
West Washington High SchoolMadison Brown
Western Boone Jr-Sr High SchoolMadelyn Hawkins
Western Boone Jr-Sr High SchoolMarilyn Ruth Ransom
Westfield High SchoolJulia Marie Bohn
Westfield High SchoolLogan Marie Mapes
Wheeler High SchoolOlivia Cutka
White River Valley JrSr High SchoolMaycee Antibus 
Whiteland Community High SchoolCecelia “Gracie” Taylor
Whiteland Community High SchoolGrace Meluskey
Whiteland Community High SchoolLindsey Jones
Whitko High SchoolMorgan Elizabeth Dyck
Whitko High SchoolReese Helen Bradford
Winamac Community High SchoolAlyssa Villanueva
Winamac Community High SchoolKaya Campbell
Winchester Community High SchoolEmma Belle Weist
Winchester Community High SchoolGena Marie Moore
Winchester Community High SchoolJillaina Hope Dotson
Winchester Community High SchoolMorgan Patricia Williams
Winchester Community High SchoolTaylor Jordan Baker
Wood Memorial HighAubree Speicher
Wood Memorial HighBree Rowe
Wood Memorial HighKiersten Bottoms
Wood Memorial HighLucy Hunter
Woodlan JrSr High SchoolAshton Widenhoefer
Woodlan JrSr High SchoolKaylin Snyder
Woodlan JrSr High SchoolMaddi Snyder
Woodlan JrSr High SchoolMyah Van Camp
Woodlan JrSr High SchoolReagan Salzbrenner
Yorktown High SchoolKaitlyn Judge
Yorktown High SchoolRachel Tucker
Yorktown High SchoolRory Powers
Yorktown High SchoolTaryn Sallee