Indiana is blessed so many talented high school volleyball players. Take a look at the long list student-athletes nominated by their coaches for the 2022 IHSVCA Players2Watch List.

Select SchoolPlayer’s NameYr.Position
Angola High SchoolAva Harris10S
Angola High SchoolBailey Holman10MB
Angola High SchoolBrea Harris12OH/DS
Angola High SchoolKady Conrad12OPP
Angola High SchoolLindsey Call12S
Angola High SchoolMacy Oberlin11MB
Angola High SchoolMaya Harris9OH
Angola High SchoolMorgan Gaerte11OH
Angola High SchoolMya Ball11S/OPP
Angola High SchoolPaige Franz12L
Avon High SchoolAlexis Maesch11RS
Avon High SchoolBelle Brown10Setter
Barr‐Reeve High SchoolColleen Trambaugh12Libero / DS
Barr‐Reeve High SchoolDylan DeCoursey12S / RS
Barr‐Reeve High SchoolEmma Wagler12S / OH
Barr‐Reeve High SchoolHannah Bledsoe10MH
Bedford North Lawrence HSAnnie Waggoner12Setter
Bedford North Lawrence HSCamryn Anderson10OH
Bellmont High SchoolDelaney Lawson11OH
Bellmont High SchoolLauren Ross12S
Bellmont High SchoolSami Christen11L
Benton Central High SchoolCali Foster9OH
Benton Central High SchoolSienna Foster11OH
Boonville High SchoolGracie Newton11MB and S
Borden High SchoolMckenna Mullen9Oh
Brebeuf Jesuit High SchoolDelaney Seaman12S/OPP
Brebeuf Jesuit High SchoolLexi Gin10Ds
Brebeuf Jesuit High SchoolLola Schumacher11L
Brebeuf Jesuit High SchoolMeryl Zunk11Oh
Brebeuf Jesuit High SchoolNaija Gadis12S
Brebeuf Jesuit High SchoolSydney Robinson12Oh
Brown County High SchoolAbigail Watson12Outside Hitter
Brown County High SchoolLondyn Koester12Libero
Brown County High SchoolMilly Patrick12OH/DS
Brown County High SchoolMorgan Osborn9Libero
Carroll (Flora) High SchoolGrace Ayers12Setter/LSH
Carroll (Flora) High SchoolMarissa Pontigo12Libero
Carroll (Fort Wayne) High SchoolAliyah Saylor12OPP
Carroll (Fort Wayne) High SchoolBrenna Ginder11DS/L
Carroll (Fort Wayne) High SchoolEllie Frey12OH
Carroll (Fort Wayne) High SchoolEmory Guderian12DS/L
Carroll (Fort Wayne) High SchoolOlivia Gisslen11S
Carroll (Fort Wayne) High SchoolSummer Hendershot12DS/L
Castle High SchoolBreanna Lane12S
Castle High SchoolKatie Kopshever11OH
Center Grove High SchoolJulianna Weems12MB
Center Grove High SchoolReese Dunkle10MB
Central High SchoolDelaney Steers10OH
Charlestown High SchoolTara Chisman12Setter
Chesterton High SchoolEva Evertt11S/L
Chesterton High SchoolKatie Nelson12OH/L
Christian AcademyAvery Kerr10MH
Christian AcademyKarlyn Denny11OH / RS
Christian AcademyKristen Abbott10OH / DS
Clinton Prairie High SchoolAbbey Swan10S/OH
Clinton Prairie High SchoolSydney Swan12OH
Columbus East High SchoolChloe Gilley11DS/L
Columbus East High SchoolGabby Dean12M
Columbus East High SchoolKenzie Foster12DS/L
Columbus East High SchoolSaige Stahl12OH
Covenant Christian High SchoolDanielle Newport12OH/DS
Covenant Christian High SchoolEvie Dart11MH
Covington Community HSAlex Sutherlin10OH
Crawfordsville High SchoolMacy Bruton12DS/OH
Crown Point High SchoolAvery Clark12S
Crown Point High SchoolGabby Lilovich11S
Crown Point High SchoolMary Grace Marcinek12
Crown Point High SchoolVanessa Del Real12L
Culver AcademyJenna Kerr11MH
Culver Community High SchoolBrynn Berndt10OH and MB
Delta High SchoolAddie Phillippe10Setter
Delta High SchoolEmily Reno11OH/OPP
Delta High SchoolMallory Robbins12Libero
Delta High SchoolOlivia Morris11MH
Eastern (Greentown) High SchoolAudra Flanary10OH
Eastern (Greentown) High SchoolJenna Odle11S/MH
Eastern (Greentown) High SchoolShelby Rice11All around
Eastern Greene High SchoolKeylee Hudson11Setter
Eastern Greene High SchoolMallorie Elliott11OH/DS
Eastern Greene High SchoolMallory Shelton12OH/RS
Evansville F.J. Reitz High SchoolAshley Danks12Middle
Evansville F.J. Reitz High SchoolCaycee Small12Libero
Evansville F.J. Reitz High SchoolKarlye Schippert12OH
Evansville F.J. Reitz High SchoolTaylor Georgetee11Setter
Evansville North High SchoolAddison Sorrell11OH
Evansville North High SchoolAlyssa Wilke12S/oh
Evansville North High SchoolElsie McCutchan11Ds
F.W. Blackhawk Christian High SchoolAbbie Cresse11MB
F.W. Blackhawk Christian High SchoolAllie Boyer11OH
F.W. Blackhawk Christian High SchoolEmi Wood12L
F.W. Blackhawk Christian HSLeena Leichty10S
F.W. Concordia Lutheran HSCienna Lapsley10MH/RS
F.W. Concordia Lutheran HSJersey Loyer11OH
F.W. Concordia Lutheran HSKeira Dommer9S
Faith Christian High SchoolAddi Kirby11S
Faith Christian High SchoolAesha Vogt11OH
Fishers High SchoolAva Vickers12MB
Fishers High SchoolLeslie Groff12OH
Fishers High SchoolLucy Kay11MB
Fishers High SchoolMargo Hernandez12S
Floyd Central High SchoolCaroline Hilbrich12OH
Forest Park High SchoolCarley Begle12M
Forest Park High SchoolCarly Schnell10OH
Forest Park High SchoolKatelynn Englert12OH
Forest Park High SchoolKaylee Berg12M
Fort Wayne Bishop DwengerAislyn Hogan11S
Fort Wayne Bishop DwengerAshley Zent11DS
Fort Wayne Bishop DwengerAudrey Hudson11DS/OH
Fort Wayne Bishop DwengerBailey Chaney11OH
Fort Wayne Bishop DwengerClara Busch12DS
Fort Wayne Bishop DwengerEmily Brown12DS
Fort Wayne Bishop DwengerEmma Tone12S
Fort Wayne Bishop DwengerGabbie Stores12MH
Fort Wayne Bishop DwengerJessica Brust12MH/RT
Fort Wayne Bishop DwengerJillian Tippmann10RT/S
Fort Wayne Bishop DwengerLexa Zimmerman12DS/Libero
Fort Wayne Bishop DwengerLoretta Pelkington12MH
Fort Wayne Bishop DwengerSarah Joley11OH/RT
Frankfort High SchoolMaicee Sterrett12DS/OH
Franklin Central High SchoolAbigail Kaminski10OH
Franklin Central High SchoolLiv Tarter12OH/L
Franklin Central High SchoolZyon Francis11MB
Franklin Community High SchoolAlex DeLisle11OH/MH
Franklin Community High SchoolKate Pinnick9L
Franklin Community High SchoolKennedy Urban11S
Franklin Community High SchoolMadison Smith11DS/L
Franklin Community High SchoolScarlet Kimbrell11MH
Frankton High SchoolAdayna Key12M
Frankton High SchoolEmma Sperry11S/OH
Frankton High SchoolHolli Klettheimer11M
Frankton High SchoolSydney Duncan12RH
Frontier High SchoolAlexis Johnson12MB
Frontier High SchoolEmily Bell11S
Frontier High SchoolEmma Segal11L/DS/OH
Frontier High SchoolKara Biehl12DS/L
Gibson Southern High SchoolAbby Deal11MB
Gibson Southern High SchoolRylee Johnson12RH
Greensburg High SchoolElla Chapman12MH
Greensburg High SchoolJosie Nobbe12OH
Greenwood Community HSAmy Luttrell11Opp
Greenwood Community HSBrooklyn Bell11M
Greenwood Community HSElla Dean12S
Greenwood Community HSElla Stivers12M
Greenwood Community HSMaria Bellapart-Blanch11Opp/S
Greenwood Community HSMya Ayro12OH
Guerin Catholic High SchoolClaire Castor12OPP/S
Hamilton Southeastern High SchoolLauren Harden11OH
Hamilton Southeastern High SchoolAvery Hobson12OH
Hamilton Southeastern High SchoolMacy Hinshaw11S
Hamilton Southeastern High SchoolTiffany Snook11M
Hamilton Southeastern High SchoolBre Goss11M/RS
Hammond Bishop Noll High SchoolAddison Clark10S/OP
Hammond Bishop Noll High SchoolHannah Evenson12Libero
Hammond Bishop Noll High SchoolIsabella Garcia11MH
Hammond Bishop Noll High SchoolRyniah Preston10S/OP
Hammond Bishop Noll High SchoolSophia Nowacki10OH
Hammond Bishop Noll High SchoolSophia Pelton10OH
Hanover Central High SchoolAbbey Opilka12Setter
Hanover Central High SchoolKara Schreiber11Middle
Hanover Central High SchoolKasey Anderson12Middle
Hanover Central High SchoolKaydence Perreault11Pin
Hanover Central High SchoolMaddie Denklau12Libero
Hanover Central High SchoolMia Sikma13Middle
Hanover Central High SchoolSteph Mancini-Edwards12Pin / DS
Highland High SchoolAniyah Curtis12MB
Highland High SchoolBrianna Ozelie12L
Highland High SchoolPayton VanDommelen12OH
Hobart High SchoolCailey Weber11MB
Hobart High SchoolDaeges Morgan12RS/DS
Hobart High SchoolGabrielle Tomich12OH
Homestead High SchoolAddy Tindall10OH
Homestead High SchoolEllie Spang12L
Homestead High SchoolHaley Biedenbach12S
Homestead High SchoolTaeley Mahler11OPP
Huntington North High SchoolMya Plemons11M
Indianapolis Cathedral HSCaiti Barthel12DS/Libero
Indianapolis Cathedral HSKamryn Utley11S
Indianapolis Cathedral HSKarsyn Kramer12OH
Indianapolis Cathedral HSKasey Quenichet12DS/Libero
Indianapolis Cathedral HSMallory Dills12S/OPP
Indianapolis Cathedral HSTaylor Lewis11OH
Indianapolis Lutheran HSRegan Wilson12S
Indianapolis Shortridge HSAlice Zumbiel11L
Indianapolis Shortridge HSIsabella Sellers10MH
Indianapolis Shortridge HSNubian McKee12OH
Indianapolis Shortridge HSPenelope Peter10RS/S
Indpls. Cardinal Ritter HSAbi Vallarias12Setter/RH
Indpls. Cardinal Ritter HSEvelyn Buck11M/OH
Indpls. Cardinal Ritter HSMaddie Roberts11OH
Indpls. Cardinal Ritter HSMallory Grzegorzewski12Libero
Indpls. Cardinal Ritter HSMya Clarke10OH
Jeffersonville High SchoolAbby Dues12S
Jeffersonville High SchoolAlyvia Luce12DS
Jeffersonville High SchoolAvani Doogarsingh10OPP
Kankakee Valley High SchoolAva Dase10Setter
Kankakee Valley High SchoolAva Koselke11MB
Kankakee Valley High SchoolGabby Diner9Setter/RS
Knightstown High SchoolAvery Bever12OH
Knightstown High SchoolEmily Scott10OH
Knightstown High SchoolGwen Dyer12Setter
Knightstown High SchoolJalyn Kopp11Libero
Knightstown High SchoolTeagan Yoder10MIddle
Kokomo High SchoolAbby Hansen11OH/MH
Kouts High SchoolLauryn Koedyker12Middle
Kouts High SchoolTyalor Moyer12Stter
Label High SchoolLauren Paska11OH/DS
Lafayette Central Catholic HSCarley Barrett10OH/RS
Lafayette Central Catholic HSGrace Roach12MB
Lafayette Central Catholic HSKaitlyn Kuckkan10SET
Lafayette Central Catholic HSRachel Vorst11DS
Lakewood Park Christian HSLauren Korte12S/RS
Lakewood Park Christian HSVanessa Crider9L
Lawrence North High SchoolBella Dafforn10Libero
Lawrence North High SchoolLeah Richmond11Setter
Lawrence North High SchoolTia Cooper12OH
Lawrenceburg High SchoolNatalie Knigga10S/OH
Lawrenceburg High SchoolTrinity Taylor10OH
Lebanon High SchoolAlexandria Barr12OH
Lebanon High SchoolAlli Albea10OH/OPP/S
Lebanon High SchoolAudrey Butler10S
Lebanon High SchoolAva Susong10DS/L
Lebanon High SchoolAverie Lollar9OH/OPP
Lebanon High SchoolCharli Albea12DS/L
Lebanon High SchoolEmily Sperry11MB/OH
Lebanon High SchoolGrace Braner12MB/OH
Lebanon High SchoolSydnie Starkey11OH/MB
Linton‐Stockton High SchoolAlly Brownfield12DS
Linton‐Stockton High SchoolAudrey Warrick11S/Opp
Linton‐Stockton High SchoolElla Warrick9OH
Linton‐Stockton High SchoolSophie Hale11OH
Loogootee High SchoolAshlynn Gilbert11OH
Loogootee High SchoolBrooklyn Summers12Setter
Loogootee High SchoolKyleigh Courter12DS
Loogootee High SchoolMadison Ramsey11MH
Loogootee High SchoolMallorie Sutton12MH
Madison Consolidated HSChloe Preocanin12OH
Madison Consolidated HSKallie Eder11MB
Madison Consolidated HSLillian Canida9MB
Madison‐Grant High SchoolAlexis Baney12MH/OH
Madison‐Grant High SchoolDaya Greene12DS
McCutcheon High SchoolAlleigh Dutton11DS
McCutcheon High SchoolAllie Shondell11S
McCutcheon High SchoolBella Humphrey11OH
McCutcheon High SchoolChloe Chicoine12OH
McCutcheon High SchoolLexi Blankenship11OPP/OH
McCutcheon High SchoolLexi Shondell9S
McCutcheon High SchoolLiz Pelfree12MH
McCutcheon High SchoolRaegan Burns12L
McCutcheon High SchoolReanna Lee10MH
Michigan City High SchoolAbby Haring9S/OH
Michigan City High SchoolJillian Ewy12DS
Michigan City High SchoolSophie Devens11MH
Michigan City High SchoolSummer McGee12MH
Mishawaka High SchoolCassie Creech9Setter
Mishawaka High SchoolElla Watford10Libero
Mishawaka High SchoolEllie Adams9OH
Mishawaka High SchoolEmily Adams12MB / OH
Mishawaka High SchoolKylie Creech11Setter
Mitchell High SchoolBrooke Reynolds11MB
Mitchell High SchoolJayden Allen10Setter
Mitchell High SchoolJocelyn Allen11OH
Mitchell High SchoolPage Mullis11Libero
Mooresville High SchoolAddy Stahley12L
Mooresville High SchoolAlex Cooper12oh
Mooresville High SchoolGabby Piche12mh
New Albany High SchoolAlexis Caldwell12OH
New Albany High SchoolAshlyn Clifton12OH / L
New Albany High SchoolCheyenne Palmer12S
New Albany High SchoolEllie Scharlow9OH
New Albany High SchoolReese Tiesing10OPP
New Palestine High SchoolIsabella Gizzi12S
New Palestine High SchoolLauren Wilson10OH
New Palestine High SchoolReagan Kleiman12MB
New Prairie High SchoolAlena Naddaf11D
New Prairie High SchoolChloe Deckard10S/OPP
New Prairie High SchoolDelaney Daniels12D
New Prairie High SchoolEmma Fleck12S
New Prairie High SchoolHaley Robinson12OH
New Prairie High SchoolLily Lichtenbarger12MB
New Prairie High SchoolMirabellah Hernandez12MB
Noblesville High SchoolAnna Elkin11OH
Noblesville High SchoolAubrey Stitcher11OH
Noblesville High SchoolAva Harris12OH
Noblesville High SchoolAva Rundle12DS
Noblesville High SchoolDiana Cox12DS
Noblesville High SchoolGabby Weihe12MB/OPP
Noblesville High SchoolMaddie Coates11DS
Noblesville High SchoolRiley Resmer11MB
North Central High SchoolAddie Decker11OPP
North Central High SchoolAlaleh Tolliver11OH
North Central High SchoolDaya Vestal11MB
North Central High SchoolEmery Moore11S
North Central High SchoolMarlina Anderson11MB
North Central High SchoolWhitney Scherrer11S
North Daviess High SchoolBrooke Pranger12OH/DS
North Daviess High SchoolErica Kemp11MB
North Posey High SchoolAddie Fullop11S
North Posey High SchoolAshton Elpers11L
North Posey High SchoolBrooklyn Goedde12S
North Posey High SchoolEmma Hall12MH
North Posey High SchoolErin Hoehn12OH
North Posey High SchoolKaity Oakley10MH
North Putnam High SchoolAshleigh Riley11OH/M/S
North Vermillion High SchoolBaylee Crabtree11S
North Vermillion High SchoolBraylee Brown12MH
North Vermillion High SchoolLindsey Freed12OH
Northeast Debois High SchoolJordan Haefling11Setter
Northeast Debois High SchoolKaitlyn Kline12OH,MH,RS
Northeast Debois High SchoolReagan Knies12All round
Northridge High SchoolAmelia Driver12MB
Northridge High SchoolCydnee Rumfelt11DS
Northridge High SchoolFaith Miller11S
Northridge High SchoolVirginia Rowen12OH
Northview High SchoolBradee McDonald9Libero
Northview High SchoolKeira Lucas9OH
Northwestern High SchoolMcKenna Layden12Middle
NorthWood High SchoolClaire Payne10MH
NorthWood High SchoolMacy Lengacher12Libero
NorthWood High SchoolSophia Barber10OH
Oldenburg AcademyCaroline Jansing12L/DS
Oldenburg AcademyChloe Bohman11OH/OP
Oldenburg AcademyEllee Bruns12MH
Oldenburg AcademyKate Weber11OP/S
Oldenburg AcademyKenlee Martin11S/OP
Oregon Davis High SchoolAlexis Pitts11OH
Oregon Davis High SchoolHailey Simon11OH
Oregon Davis High SchoolReagan Danford11OH
Paoli High SchoolAbby Tapp11MH
Paoli High SchoolElla Spires11OH
Paoli High SchoolFaith Gammon11MH
Paoli High SchoolLily Stroud11S
Park Tudor High SchoolAnna Supe12OH
Park Tudor High SchoolAva Smith12OH
Park Tudor High SchoolDesha Van Veldhuizen12S
Parke Heritage High SchoolEmma Simpson10OH, S
Parke Heritage High SchoolHannah Thurman12MH
Parke Heritage High SchoolKeely Black12DS
Parke Heritage High SchoolReaghan Benjamin11MH
Pendleton Heights High SchoolRamsey Gary12L
Penn High SchoolCadence McGlothlen12Libero
Penn High SchoolKate Trueblood12Middle
Penn High SchoolMacy Hatkevich12Setter
Perry Central High SchoolJadyn Smith12OH
Perry Meridian High SchoolDakota Eliott11MB
Perry Meridian High SchoolSophia Mayo11OH/RS
Perry Meridian High SchoolStevie Earley12L
Pike Central High SchoolAshlyn Shoultz12OH, DS
Pike High SchoolAshyln Shoultz12OH, DS
Pike High SchoolGabby Gilbert12OH
Pike High SchoolKhori Dryden12OH
Pike High SchoolMariah Minor12MH
Pike High SchoolMonyay Crowder11MH
Pioneer High SchoolBrooklyn Borges11M/OH
Pioneer High SchoolMackenzie Rogers11S/OPP
Pioneer High SchoolMandee Weisenburger12OH/M
Plainfield High SchoolAva Utterback11OH/DS
Plainfield High SchoolElla Scott12MB/MH
Plainfield High SchoolMaddie Lynch11OPP/S
Plainfield High SchoolSummer Lewellen12DS/libero
Plymouth High SchoolTaylor Delp12MH/OH
Portage High SchoolAlexandra “Lexi” Cline12OH
Portage High SchoolMary Osten10Libero
Providence High SchoolAbby Julius10MH
Providence High SchoolGrace Purichia12S
Providence High SchoolLilly Kaiser11MH
Providence High SchoolLilly Tappel11OH
Providence High SchoolMakenzie Wagner11OPP
Providence High SchoolNicole Stratford11OH
Purdue Poly TechJayla Miller11OH
Roncalli High SchoolAly Kirkhoff11L
Roncalli High SchoolFaith Burch12OPP/S
Roncalli High SchoolLogan Bell10OH
Rossville High SchoolBrooklyn Edmonds11MB
Rossville High SchoolDemi Freeman12OH
Rossville High SchoolMeilee Thorp11L
SB Saint Joseph High SchoolAbby Reese12S/OH
SB Saint Joseph High SchoolGabby Trinter12MB/RS
SB Saint Joseph High SchoolMarley Annis11OH
SB Saint Joseph High SchoolSam Suth12OH
Scottsburg High SchoolAubrey Asdell12MB/OH
Scottsburg High SchoolHaiden Means10S/OPP
Scottsburg High SchoolMeredith Slaton11S/DS
Seeger High SchoolChase Lemming9OH
Seeger High SchoolPaige Laffoon12OH
Seymour High SchoolCali Cummings12MH
Seymour High SchoolGreer Henry10OH
Seymour High SchoolOlivia Fish12OH
Shakamak High SchoolJordyn Boram10MH
Shakamak High SchoolKolette Slough11RH
Shakamak High SchoolLauren Landry12OH
Silver Creek High SchoolAbby Larson10Opp
Silver Creek High SchoolAddison Makun10Middle
Silver Creek High SchoolEllie Priddy11OH
Silver Creek High SchoolKiki Brown12Libero
South Knox High SchoolAddy DeLisle11Setter/RS
South Knox High SchoolBren Hill10MH
South Knox High SchoolJaelyn Grumieaux11DS
South Newton High SchoolAbigail Carroll12L
South Newton High SchoolLexi Cripe12OH
South Newton High SchoolLizzie Glassburn12S
South Newton High SchoolShelby Warren11OPP/DS
South Newton High SchoolStephanie Montemayer12MH
South Newton High SchoolTaylor Cripe10OH
South Vermillion High SchoolJacee Cottrell10MH
South Vermillion High SchoolLeah Sampson12OH
South Vermillion High SchoolSophie Thomas10OH/RS
South Vermillion High SchoolZarah Natalie12Libero/DS
Southport High SchoolMacy Chafin11S
Southport High SchoolRyleigh Hamilton10MH
Southridge High SchoolBailey Keusch12OH/DS
Speedway High SchoolHayli Clampitt9MH
Speedway High SchoolLaney Jarrett10S
Speedway High SchoolPeyton Ridge10L/OH
Speedway High SchoolTaylor Ridge12MH/OH
Springs Valley  High SchoolLeigh Carnes11S/RS/OH
Springs Valley  High SchoolMaddie Carnes9S/RS/OH
Springs Valley  High SchoolMolly Tucker11L
Springs Valley  High SchoolTynley Kluesner12OH/MB
Sullivan High SchoolJacie Wilson10MH
Sullivan High SchoolKennedy Wagaman12S/RS
Sullivan High SchoolMallory Pike11LIB
Sullivan High SchoolParker Mischler11OH
Tecumseh High SchoolBrianna Marx12RS
Tecumseh High SchoolEmily Hall11S
Tecumseh High SchoolJaylin Boger12MH
Tecumseh High SchoolJenna Donohoo11OH
Tecumseh High SchoolPayge Johnson11OH/S
Tell City High SchoolKori Embry12OH
Tell City High SchoolRylie Schroeder12Setter/MB
Terre Haute North Vigo HSCarly Mason11S/DS
Terre Haute North Vigo HSJulia Ross11OH
Terre Haute North Vigo HSMarlee Craft12M/RS
Terre Haute North Vigo HSSadie Egan11S
Terre Haute South Vigo HSBella Holmes10MH
Terre Haute South Vigo HSClaire Burbrink11Libero
Terre Haute South Vigo HSLilly Merk11MH
Terre Haute South Vigo HSMia Loyd11S
Terre Haute South Vigo HSReagan Ealy12OH
Terre Haute South Vigo HSShalane Blakey10OH
Tri‐West Hendricks High SchoolDanielle Gabriel11DS/Setter
Tri‐West Hendricks High SchoolElle Patterson12OH
Tri‐West Hendricks High SchoolIsabelle Masten9OH
Tri‐West Hendricks High SchoolKate Eastman11DS
Tri‐West Hendricks High SchoolLainey Brauman11OPP
Tri‐West Hendricks High SchoolRyane Spoonemore10MH
Trinity Lutheran High SchoolAddison Darlage10S
Trinity Lutheran High SchoolBailey Tabeling12MH
Trinity Lutheran High SchoolCarson Bowling10MH
Trinity Lutheran High SchoolLaura Roeder10Lib
Triton High SchoolAddyson Viers11MH
Triton High SchoolKinsey Atkins12Libero
Valparaiso High SchoolGwen Clifford11MH
Valparaiso High SchoolKennedy Wagner12OH
Valparaiso High SchoolKyla Coolman10S
Vincennes Rivet High SchoolAnna Herman11MH
Wabash High SchoolAshlynn Cruz12Libero
Wabash High SchoolFaryn Morris12OH
Wabash High SchoolJade Stumbo12MH
Wapahani High SchoolCamryn Wise12MH
Wapahani High SchoolChloe Cook12OH
Wapahani High SchoolMacie Bowden12S
Wapahani High SchoolReese Baker12Libero
Warsaw Community High SchoolAvery Hales12Setter
Warsaw Community High SchoolDelaney Silveus12DS
Warsaw Community High SchoolEllie Hepler9Libero
Warsaw Community High SchoolKaylee Weeks12OH
Warsaw Community High SchoolMelaina Hawblitzel11OH/OPP
Washington Township High SchoolAubrey Hreha9RS/OH
Washington Township High SchoolKailee Eldridge12MB
Wawasee High SchoolAmanda Allen12S
Western Boone High SchoolElena Gubera12L
Western Boone High SchoolRaegan Durbin10OH
Western High SchoolKayleigh Turner11setter/rs
Western High SchoolKenzie Broman12MH
Western High SchoolLacyRathbun11OH
Western High SchoolLinsay Guge12libero
Westfield High SchoolMallory Neale12DS/Libero
Westfield High SchoolMallory Weber12DS/Libero
White River Valley High SchoolEmma Resler11OH/S
White River Valley High SchoolKylie Palmer12OH/M/D
Whiting High SchoolRachel Grzyb10OH
Winamac Community High SchoolMcKenzie Hinz12MH
Winchester High SchoolCaitlyn Campbell12MH
Yorktown High SchoolAddi Applegate10L
Yorktown High SchoolAddi Rains11DS/L
Yorktown High SchoolCharlotte Vinson10OH
Yorktown High SchoolEmilee Hill12S/RS
Zionsville High SchoolAvery Maple12MB
Zionsville High SchoolEmily Kirkendol12L
Zionsville High SchoolSadie Meenan11MB