We celebrated our 50th IHSAA Volleyball State Championship in 2021.  Take a long look back at the beginnings IHSAA State Championships. Watch the pioneer coaches and teams that laid the foundation of greatness.
Preview – https://youtu.be/EXodZQ8mhgk
1970s – https://youtu.be/uSP3MIuHzUE
1980s –  https://youtu.be/549Cvfo1_2c
1990s – https://youtu.be/ZzPE6Ibx29E
2000s – https://youtu.be/c0CTCB7GsPo
2010s – https://youtu.be/Ub3F1UGvfW4

Thanks to Rhonda Low for organizing the former State Championship Coaches parade.  Nearly 80% of these coaches made it back to be honored before the 3A and 4A matches.  It was a who’s who of some of the best high school coaches in the country. Click HERE to see the composite pic of winners.

List of Mental Attitude Awards Winners

List of State Finals Match Results

List of State Finals appearances Team (Alphabetical)

List of Most State Championships by a Coach

List of Most Championship Match appearance team

List of Most State: Runner up

List of Match Records