Coaches Serving Coaches

One of the  IHSVCA main goals is to provide an opportunity for coaches to serve other coaches.  This will include mentorship opportunities, as young coaches will have opportunity to gain valuable experience from successful experienced coaches.  Skill technique and drill training from the best coaches in Indiana via blogs and short videos.   Also important for any successful program are the behind the scenes skills, such as training scorekeepers, libero trackers, stats, the announcer and other game management activities.   The fall coaches’ clinic will provide a networking opportunity as well as learning from some of the state’s best high school volleyball coaches and even some of the best college coaches in the Midwest.

The IHSVCA wants to recognize coaches’ hard work by expanding our coaches’ awards program to the following:

  1. District Coach-of-the-Year (each class)
  2. State Coach-of-the-Year (each class)
  3. Victory Club (100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, etc.)
  4. Coaches 30 Under 30 award
  5. Assistant Coach award (each class)
  6. Hall of Fame

We also realize the importance of recognizing team and program milestone.   The IHSVCA will recognize teams for their academic excellence with the Team Academic Award.    We cant to acknowledge high school volleyball programs in Indiana that have met milestones with 800 victories or more the school’s storied history.