The IIAAA (Indiana Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association) is proposing that the following team sports go to 5 classes:  baseball, boys basketball, girls basketball, softball, and girls volleyball.

We need your input.  Please take some time to review their proposal.  This could have a huge impact on education-based athletics.

IIAAA Reasoning

To level the playing field.  There is a large enrollment disparity in each class.  Especially in 4A with the largest school in the state (Carmel, 5,327 students while South Bend Riley has an enrollment of 1,030 students. According to Kyle Needenriep (Indianapolis Star) “There are 37 4A programs that are less than half the size (1,500 students or less) than the 13 largest (3,200 students and above). That gap figures to get larger as the suburban Indianapolis-area schools grow in enrollment.” 

Pros:  Student-Athletes/School

  • More student-athletes can experience state championship week.
  • Five schools in each sport can earn a state championship.
  • School communities can embrace and support their teams.

Pros: IHSAA and Tournament Directors

  • More opportunity to increase gate income.
  • More media exposure with news outlets and social media.

Cons:  Student-Athletes

  • Increase in travel times and mileage costs, especially in 5A.  Schools will have to travel 2.5 plus hours one-way.  Additional expenses per team.
  • Lost study times and possible missed classroom times.

Cons: IHSAA and Tournament Directors

  • Trying to find qualified officials for five classes throughout tournament may be difficult.
  • It will have a dramatic impact on state championship venue.
  • The IHSAA may have to go to two-day state championship event, Friday and Saturday.
  • The costs factor for the IHSAA will increase with a two-day state tournament significantly.

Additional things to consider

  • Yes, football has 6 classes.  It is a numbers sport with high risk of injury; 85 players can dress for IHSAA tournament play.  The team sports we are talking about with the IIAAA Proposal are consider much lower risk of injury.  The IHSAA is more restrictive with the number of players dressed for each level of the state tournament:  Baseball (20 dressed), Softball (20 dressed), Boys and Girls Basketball (12 dressed) and Girls Volleyball (16 dressed).
  • Football only plays on Friday or Saturday night and only has 314 schools enter the tournament.  In 2021, volleyball had 397.
  • Does this proposal level the playing field for ALL classes (or just for the higher classes).
  • Does this proposal support female sports as it does male sports.

Your Next Steps

  1. Click HERE to see the enrollment figures, the 5-class proposal.
  2. Find your school and click HERE to find IIAAA 5 class Maps/Schools PDF file.
  3. Find your potential sectional, regional and semi-state opponents, and sites.
  4. Investigate travel time, costs and lost class time.
  5. Complete the questionnaire.  Click HERE for the form. The deadline has passed.