Following the AVCA, the IHSVCA will institute a new award in 2023, the Team Academic Award. Putting the student in student-athletes is always at the forefront of interscholastic athletics. It’s time that we recognize these programs.

Every player listed on the school’s sectional roster that competed in a varsity match sometime during the season MUST BE LISTED. Each student-athletes’ first semester, second semester and WGPA should be listed.

To earn the IHSVCA Team Academic Award the team’s average WGPA must be at least 3.50 cumulated or higher on a 4.0 point-scale. See below for other grade point-scales:

2.63 on a 3.0 point-scale7.00 on a 8.0 point-scale
4.38 on a 5.0 point-scale7.88 on a 9.0 point-scale
5.25 on a 6.0 point-scale8.75 on a 10 point-scale
6.13 on a 7.0 point scale


Nominations open May 27, 2023.