Nationally Boys’ high school volleyball participation grew more than 4% this year and more than 22% in past 5 years! No other boys sport has come anywhere close to that pace of growth.  From 2018 to 2021 Indiana boys volleyball has a 13% increase in school participation, 12% growth of athletes.

If you coach the girls’ volleyball at your school, starting a boys’ volleyball will only help your program.

“Having a boys’ volleyball at Cathedral High School was a key element to our girls’ volleyball program’s success.  Having male players serving as managers who knew the game and could run drills helped us tremendously in winning eight state championships and one national championship (2015).  

I felt our girls’ volleyball program had a tremendous competitive advantage by having a boys’ volleyball program at Cathedral.  I strongly encourage every coach to establish a boys’ volleyball program at their school.” – Jean Kesterson