Game Management Help

One of the biggest issue with coaching high school is that there is no much more to do than just coaching the game.  We will have content for the newbie coach to the HOF  coach.

Coaching the match

  • How do you put in the best line-up to get the best match-ups?
  • When should you “spin the dial”?
  • What adjustments should you make during a match? (switch defensive systems, blocking assignments, player position, sub, game speed)
  • When should you call time out?
  • What should you say during a time out that we call? How can we right the ship?
  • What should you say during a time out when the other team calls a time out?

Event Management

  • Training your scorekeeper, libero tracker, scoreboard, lines people, and three ball rotation.
  • Training your announcer to add energy to the crowd.
  • Special Special theme nights
    • Parent Night
    • Teacher Appreciation Night
    • Retro Night
    • Alumnae Night
    • Coaches vs cancer
    • ALS
    • Community Support Night

Stream your matches

  • Internet requirements
  • Play by play and color commentators
  • Video camera(s)
  • Create a YouTube channel for your team