Instructional Blogs/Videos

Indiana has some of the best high school coaches in the country.  You can learn from their successes as they share some of their secrets with members of the IHSVCA.

Just a few of possible topics covered could include some of the follow:

  • Team selection and making cuts not as painful
  • Preseason schedule, conditioning etc.
  • Training your stat crew
    • Video
    • Practice
  • Goal Setting
  • Leadership training
  • Training your managers
  • Getting your coaching staff on the same page
  • Working with parents
  • Feed the beast (media)
  • How to scout an opponent
  • Game adjustments – switch defensive systems, blocking assignments, player position, sub, game speed
  • Making home matches fun
    • Special theme nights
      • Parent night
      • Teacher appreciation night
      • Retro Night
      • Alumnae Night
      • Coaches vs cancer
      • ALS
      • Use SM to ideas from membership
    • Tailgate
    • Music – be careful not to offend the grandparents in the crowd
    • Fun contests between sets 2 and 3
    • Give aways
  • The IHSVCA will also try to fill request from its membership